About the Brand

Hi friends, Michaela here! I started SheRatesDogs in December of 2018 as a fun platform for girls to share their past shitty and laughable experiences in the dating world. The initial and continued response to the brand has been overwhelming. I am so excited to share these first designs with you, and I have so much planned for the coming months. Thank you for being here and for contributing to the community of bad dog rating!

On a more serious note, countless women are caught in the cycle of abuse, and countless others struggle with a distorted sense of self, PTSD, and other mental illnesses as a result of having abusive partners. While the statistics for battered women and sexual misconduct are readily available, the belief in women still isn’t. Nearly one third of women report having an abusive partner in their lifetimes. 1 in 6 women in America have survived an attempted or completed rape. Despite these numbers being proven survey upon study, it seems no man can think of a friend who would be abusive. Despite these numbers being consistently present, 99% of perpetrators of sexual violence walk free (Huffpost).

SheRatesDogs started out and is primarily enjoyed as a comedic platform. My goal, however, is to change the dialogue. Girls and women experience degrading and shocking comments daily. Constantly on this account, I continue to be amazed by just how many of my posts get dozens of quote tweets claiming the situation I’ve shown never happens. It happens. This happens. And awareness has become my number one priority. I encourage you to check out the couple links below on statistics and warning signs of abuse.